In the third weekend in April, we had the chance to practice Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Iaijutsu under the watchful eye of Yahagi, Kunikazu Soke.

It was a wonderful practice in the Mutokukai Hombu dojo which is a large outdoor dojo of about 200 or more tatami. While we practiced the birds chirped and a cool breeze blew down the valley where it is located just an hour outside of Barcelona making it an ideal location for a large group practice. Both morning and afternoon sessions where taught by Yahagi Sensei with the senior practitioners or Shidoin teaching level who were helpful and supportive of everyone’s practice. As always, Sensei reminded us of the underlying ideas and technical aspects of the Ryushin Shouchi Ryu, Iaijutsu (quick draw Japanese Sword Art) which has grown dramatically as an International organization, see our new International RSR website at:

Yahagi Sensei does a tour of Europe, each year, visiting all the major Ryushin centres and drawing an international group of Budoka. The seminar in Arenys de Munt was the last of the April venues that took Sensei to Austria, Italy, France and Spain with practitioners from the US, Europe, Canada, Russia and The Netherlands. The nicest part of the seminar was the warm welcome and instant camaraderie of all the participants regardless of where they came from or what language they spoke. What a wonderful experience! It gives us all hope for the continued growth and interest in this unusual and eclectic style of Kobudo (Ancient Martial Arts). And of course, we always appreciate Yahagi Sensei’s warm personal style and his ability to teach and impart knowledge about what we are all focused on – the principles and values inherent in the practice of RSR.

We all felt so appreciative and lucky to have this kind of experience and to be able in our own way to contribute to the ongoing growth and future of Ryushin Shouchi Ryu. It goes without saying that this event and the video material that came from it did not happen by itself. We wanted to thank firstly, Miguel Salvador for organizing this weekend stage everything was taken care of the practice was great. Also, Akiko Kikuchi for her great efforts to translate Sensei’s directions to us, it was a difficult translation job but Akiko-san was tireless in her effort to get Sensei’s ideas explained properly. I wanted to acknowledge Frank Bigotte for his excellent video footage and for Tiki Shewan who arranged for this production to happen, he was the executive producer of this group effort. Lastly, I wanted to take a second to acknowledge Daniel Leclerc Sensei for his effort to help organize and be the liaison for this tour of European RSR dojo this April. Thanks Daniel for all your hard work and organizational talents for pulling this together.

We hope you like our little video promo production, for the complete version with many explanations and translation in Spanish see below:

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