NVA is a B.C. Registered Society S-52265, dedicated to the preservation of and instruction in Traditional Aikido and Ryushin Shouchi Ryu – Iaijutsu, our only objective is the perpetuation of the Budo Practice that our Shihan have given to us.

North Vancouver Aikikai is dependent upon its membership to pay the dojo expenses. So as a member of the dojo, paying dues is an on-going commitment, that is as long as the member decides to practice Aikido at NVA. In order to make payment easy, members of the dojo can set up automatic deduction through PayPal and any major credit card.

For Dues Payment Options, please go to our Dues Payment Page by clicking here Aikido dojos are very social places and because there is no competition in Aikido, members tend be to friendly off the matt. We hold Pot Luck Dinners and get togethers, usually in relation to a seminar or weekend intensive training with guest instructors. Plus we often go on “Road Trips” to visit other dojos and attend seminars that they host. As part of the United States Aikido Federation, we have several hundred dojos and their members to practice with.


(Monday and Friday 5:30-7 pm)

Adults basics classes provide a foundation with a rigorous class offering lots of cardio-vascular exercise. We concentrate on basic rolling, footwork and techniques. Participants will become more proficient in learning ukemi (the art of falling) and in their footwork (taisabaki) in this class. Everyone in the dojo attends these classes.

Beginners (starting Friday Sept 6th, 2019)
(Monday and Friday 7-8:30 pm)

Adults beginners classes provide the fundamental skills to participate in a Basics or General class.  The emphasis is on ukemi (art of falling) in order how to learn how to receive techniques in a way that is safe.  This alone is a form or self defense, learning to tumble on any surface and successfully surviving is an invaluable self-preservation skill.  We concentrate on basic rolling, footwork and techniques. Everyone in the dojo attends these classes so that beginners get a lot of one on one individual help from a more senior dojo member.  These classes, although covering the most basic material, will give the participant a cardio-vascular work out every time.  To sign up for this class go to our location page at the bottom of our front page and complete the Beginners Class Contact form.  Someone will get in touch with you and can answer any questions or set up an appointment to come to the dojo.

(Saturday 12-1:30 pm)
Aikido General/Weapons
(Wednesday 7-8:30 pm

General Class will provide a comprehensive approach to Aikido practice including learning to do ukemi (falling and tumbling) and basic body movements. All levels can participate in this class where beginners can practice with more senior practitioners and learn about Aikido terminology.

Aikido/Weapons Class concentrates on sword (bokken), 4′ staff  (jo) and knife (tanto) take-aways are taught as a way to understand distance and timing. Weapons are an integral part of Aikido and not taught separately. Instructor permission is required to participate. Both two person interactive forms and kata (solo forms) are taught as well as weapons take-away techniques.

(Wednesday 5
:30-7 pm & Sunday 12 pm-1:30 pm)

Ryushin Shouchi Ryu is a Kobudo (anicent martial art) specializing in Iai-jutsu (quick-draw sword art). North Vancouver Aikikai is the BC Regional HQ for RSR Americas and is affiliated with Ryushin Shouchi Ryu International Headquarters in Japan.

As well as instructional classes each week we also offer open matt practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4 – 5 pm plus special Training Seminars for participants in this dynamic sword style. For more information about this style, please click here to visit the website for Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Canada.

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